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     Quality assurance is the concern's worthwhile contribution to the business with an
experienced quality control team manning. We have a team of highly qualified workers
who work circumspectly and endeavor to forge a satisfying relations between the companies
and the end users of their products. This in return helps us to imbibe confidence amongst
our customers for our concern. We perpetually endeavor to be in tune with the changing
trends of the needs of the industry.

       To provide products and services continually with the state of art Technology to meet
our customer needs. At BMW Company, Quality is notified at all levels. The Management
ensures the Quality by standard procedures and practices by all employees in the
organization - the key factors being
  • To adopt to latest equipment and technology
  • Use effective inspection procedures
  • Focus on safety measures
  • Have excellent corporate governance and skilled personnel.
  • Produce concise and accurate reports
  • To be duty bound to serve its customers.
Inspection methods and Techniques :
  • Control charts
  • Periodic inspection
  • Process capability studies
Inspection facilities :
  • Trimos height gauge
  • Electronic Verniers
  • Micrometers
  • Bore dial gauges
  • Inter-testers for groove measurement
  • Groove micrometers
  • Depth micrometers
  • Slip gauges
We cater to "Small batch" as well as "Mass production"
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